PhDr. Markéta Blažejová
Language Teaching
Czech for foreigners / German / English
Educational and professional background
University graduate (doctor’s degree in linguistics and language teaching methodology, 1982)
More than 30 years of experience in teaching (colleges, language school, institutions, company courses,
More than 30 years practice in translating and
interpreting, friendship with native speakers (keeping in
touch with many special language areas, development
of my personal command of foreign languages)
A number of courses incl. ongoing practical experience
in personal development, psychology, self-awarenes,
yoga  etc.  ( developing empathy and understanding for
the client’s general or momentanous needs, experience
in non-verbal communication, creativity in finding playful
and relaxing approaches in teaching, …)
Work on language dictionaries incl. the role of the team leader - applicable for efficient teaching in the
following areas:
o    My own vocabulary enlargement, which is beneficial for the tuition in many respects
o    Skill to find a number of equivalents to words in the target language, to see and explain the difference
      between them
o    Ability of structured language thinking, capability to pass the structure on to learners
o    Awareness of who of the learner's needs }what kind of support at the moment etc.)
o    Ability to make a challenging as well as understanding coach
o    Nearly 20 years of business correspondence in foreign languages, which represents one of the skills
      that most learners want to develop
What is my basic approach to teaching?
My objective on the one hand is to create  as comfortable teaching setting as possible, on the other hand to
make the best possible use of the lesson’s time to enhance to client’s foreign language competence.
Based on the overall idea of the client and my inspirations we set both goals of our lessons and his/her
language education as a whole. I give suggestions for the basic textbook/textbooks (although not
necessary), which can help him/her achieve the set targets. Besides that, I always use all sorts of
accompanying teaching materials: media or company texts, sound records for listening exercises, my
grammar or functional language reviews, extracts of several textbooks etc.
Within some other methodological approaches and in agreement with the client I like making the conversation with him the starting point for vocab/grammar practising (and if necessary, reviewing it before).
In the introductory part of my work with the client I can make him/her familiar with some of the recent findings
of neurophysiology and psychology that relate to a streamlined foreign  language self-study.
What do I concentrate on?
To make the client as perfect as possible in his/her foreign language oral communication
To make the teaching process colourful, to change activities in a sensible way so as not to tire the clients by
monotonous exercises
To develop the client’s command of mastering basic professional situations in terms of appropriate
language and behaviour (including esp. respective phraseology), i.e. so called functional language,  e.g.:
o    Telephone conversations
o    Negotiations of several types
o    Communication via emails
o    Presentations
o    Making appointments, agreement, disagreement, asking for repetition, summarizing, identifying cause
      and effect, …
In accordance with the client’s wish plenty of topics of his/her interest can be discussed
In any case I aim at the clients’ enlargement and thorough practising of vocabulary comprised in the
previous conversation. That is why a variety of revisions are included. I try to make them use the aquired
phraseology in subsequent dialogues.
Can the clients get special feedback ?
Of course. I can make up either general tests for them or written revisions summarizing a particular subject
matter that has been dealt with. 
Can the teaching be targeted to a special language exam?
Yes. I have prepared students for several kinds of exams, e.g. for the college entrance examinations or exams
at the Goethe-Intitut (upper-intermediate, advanced).,
Markéta Blažejová