PhDr. Markéta Blažejová
Professional language services
German - English - Czech for foreigners
Welcome to my webpage!
I studied linguistics at the Charles University in Prague/Czech Republic, Faculty of Arts (doctor’s  degree
obtained in 1982) incl. a number of internships  abroad.  I have more than 30 years of work experience
relating to languages:  teaching, guiding, interpreting etc.
I have taught (or still teach) on several school types, mostly colleges:
School of Commerce (English and German for tourism), Prague / Czech Republic (English, German)
1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University,  Prague / Czech Republic (Czech for foreigners, Engl.)
School of Economics, Prague / Czech Republic (Russian)
Faculty of Biomedicine, Czech Technical University, Kladno / Czech Republic (English, German)
corporations, institutions, individuals
Gothic/Baroque/Art Nouveau/ …  in Prague
Significant places and distinguished people in Prague’s medicine history
German literature in Prague (Kafka, Rilke, Brod, Meyrink, …)
Bamberg/Germany and Prague/Czech Republic - connections in history and architecture
Prague through the eyes of Americans / Britons / Slovaks / Poles / Slovenes / Chroatians / Italians /
Spaniards / Germans / French / Danes / Scandinavians / Japanese /…  (places connected to their
renowned countrymen)
I provide customer-oriented guiding services around Prague, Czech Republic or German speaking
countries, held in English, German, Czech, Russian. They are always tailored to the visitor’s individual
needs and wishes and can be dealt with either in a general, or a specific way with focuses as follows:
Prague’s superlatives,  Mystical Prague,  Charles University,  etc.
I was leading the authors’ team for the German-Czech dictionary of phraseologisms (1st edition
published in 2010, C.H.Beck publishing house).  The dictionary was awarded  1st prize for the year
2009 in the competion declared by the Union of Interpreters and Translators in the Czech and Slovak
Republic, as well as the Jury’s award.
I am the author of the German-Czech and Czech-German dictionaries of visual arts, which came into
existence partly during several research fellowships at art history intitutes abroad and within numbers
of consultations with architects, most recognized art historians and artists in the Czech Republic. The
German-Czech dictionary with 58 000 entries is ready for publishing, the Czech-German one needs
some minor finishing touches  before being published.
Since the early 1990s until recently I was working on two German-Czech and Czech-German
dictionaries, which rank among the biggest of their kind not only in the German-Czech lexicography:
I am looking forward to cooperating with you!
Markéta Blažejová,, Mobil:  +420 776 28 00 88