PhDr. Markéta Blažejová
Personalized guided tours around Prague, the Czech Republic
and German speaking countries
Why Prague
Prague is for me a beautiful city, that I was born in. I feel priviledged to live in this magic town with its unique
„genius loci“. It makes up the heart of Bohemia -  the core of the historical Czech lands, and up to a point the
heart of Europe, too.  It constitutes  a  respectable representative of the historical development  of the Czech
Republic in many respects.
Examination for tourism guides, specialization English, German, Russian  (Government’s  committee for
tourism in the Czechoslovak Republic)
Professional qualifications:
Examination for tourism guides (Tyrkys Agency - School of Commerce, Prague)
Examination for Prague guides,  specialization English, German, Russian  (Prague Information Service)
Attended a series of courses in architecture and art history at the Institute of Architecture History in
Colonia/Germany and the Institute of Art History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University/Prague
Engage in the study of architecture and visual arts in the long term, besides other things for the compilation of
the German-Czech dictionary of visual arts, translations in this area etc.
In the 1990s teaching in postgradual German courses for guides (Prague Information Service) or German
courses for those interested in architecture (AKCENT  International House)
2004-2007 teaching English/German for tourism at the School of Commerce, Prague,  incl.  special courses  for guides
Love hiking, sightseeing, travelling in my leisure time
For Whom
I provide guiding services mostly to individuals, couples or smaller groups - those who long for experiencing
Prague and other destinations more profoundly than ordinary tourism events unable. My services  are meant for
those who appreciate individual descreet care and personal kind attention  and a programme tailored to their
needs and wishes. Senior citizens or handicapped visitors with accompaniment are welcome.  The
communication languages are  English, German,  Czech, possibly  Russian. Download my leaflet!
I. Walks around Prague
What is special about my walks
Individual care for the client; the main focus (topic) of the particular walk or their combination and the overall
time schedule are based on the client’s wishes.
The client can decide, whether, when or how much he / she would like to
spent some time in nature reserves (woods), botanical gardens, parks etc. in or around Prague to have a rest
in quiet and silence.
Explore also routes and sights off the beaten track - less known, but equally charming, with unusual  views
Take advantage of the possibility to have a guided walk at the day time when just  very few tourists  are sightseeing
Combine the walks with foreign language practice (Czech for foreigners, German, English)
Be offered the sightseeing programme for the elderly or disabled (slower pace, more frequent breaks etc.)
Have a consultation before exploring a route without the guide or have consultations on all sorts of topics of
interest (Bohemian cuisine, introduction on history of the Czech Republic in general, (art) history of a particular
period, tours outside Prague, …)
I try to follow the principles of „soft“ tourism within my guided walks/tours.
Topics for walks around Prague
Romanesque/Gothic/Baroque/Art Nouveau/… Prague
Nature beauties in/around Prague - to keep in harmony visual art in the lively town and calmness „now and
here" in energizing green areas
Prague through the eyes of the Russians / Americans / Britons / Poles / Scandinavians / Italians / French /
Chinese / Japanese/ … -  historical places where your renowned countrymen (used to) live/work - to make you
feel more at home in Prague
Prague German literature (Kafka, Rilke, Werfel, …)
Places and most recognized people related to Church Reformation
Jewish Quarter
Music in Prague now and then
Places and people connected to the history of  medicine and natural sciences +  the legendary Charles
Prague superlatives
Mystical Prague,  etc.
II. Destinations outside Prague
I provide guiding services around the whole of the Czech Republic and Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Combination of sightseeing and hiking / trekking upon request. 
The tours can have special focus, e.g.:
UNESCO sights (Kutná Hora, Holašovice, Kroměříž, Žďár na Sázavou, Telč, Český Krumlov, …)
The sights/towns of the Rožmberk family in Southern Bohemia (Jindřichův Hradec, Telč, Bechyně, Ledenice,
Kratochvíle, …)
Masterpieces of Baroque sculptors (Kuks, Lysá nad Labem, …)
Important Jewish historical centres outside Prague, incl. Jewish cemeteries
Famous medieval mining centres
Masterpieces of pond builders in Southern Bohemia, incl. unique walks along pond dams with oaks several
hundreds years old
Medieval king’s castles (Karlštejn, Křivoklát, Zvíkov, Bezděz, …)
Baroque Gothic (Křtiny, Sedlec, Žďár nad Sázavou …)
Bohemian Paradise - castles, rocks etc.
Famous monasteries  (Vyšší Brod, Zlatá Koruna,  Kladruby, Velehrad, Nepomuk, Tišnov, …)
Bamberg/Germany, Nuremberg/Germany  and Prague - links in history and architecture
many others
Markéta Blažejová,