PhDr. Markéta Blažejová
Work on dictionaries
Roughly from 1991 to 2010 I pursued  lexicography,  compiling  two big German-Czech dictionaries, in the 1990s
partly within my postgraduate study at the Institute of Germanic studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.
German-Czech dictionary of phraseology (idiomatic phrases).  Published 2010, C.H.Beck publishing
house. Awarded the „Dictionary od the year 2009“ prize in the Czech and Slovak Republic and „Award of the
jury“ (made up of linguists, translators, writers, interpreters).  With its more than 24 000 entries (2 volumes) it
ranks among the biggest bilingual phraseology dictionaries.  I started the dictionary corpus (several thousand
entries), later being substantially helped by my dad, 2006-9 I was supervising the international authors’ team.
German-Czech and Czech-German dictionary of visual arts and geographical names. The German-
Czech  part comprises 58 000 entries and is ready for publishuing from my part.  It belongs to the biggest
biligual visual art dictionaries at all. All areas of visual arts and architecture are incorporated into the dictionary:
sculpture, painting, applied arts, urban planning, iconography, heraldry, antiquity restoring, historic
preservation  etc.  A lot of entries have not only their biligual part but they contain definitions/explanations and
other linguistic information pieces, too.  The Czech-German part needs just a few finishing touches.
My  dictionary compilation is guided by the idea to contribute - in a truly modest way - to the developing  of further
communication possibilities, and thus  to friendly relationships between  the Germans/Austrians/Swiss and  the
Czechs. For that reason I cofounded the unincorporated association Lexikograf,  (webpage
in Czech and German).,
Markéta Blažejová